An interview with the Killers' frontman took a turn for the bizarre when discussing his grooming habits.

I don't envy entertainers going on press tours; it seems every few weeks, a new incident happens with an actor promoting a movie or a TV show, or a musician promoting a new tour or album--usually provoked by a reporter--where they either give an angry, controversial, or bizarre response to a question.

Answering the same questions a dozen times an hour for several hours/days/weeks must be draining. So I'm sure they relish the opportunity to mix it up and talk about something out of the ordinary.

Something like the merits of saving one's beard shavings, for instance.

That brings us to Brandon Flowers, currently doing press for his upcoming solo album. Somehow, a discussion with British publication The Independent led to some advice that Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys shared with him.

"So I grew a beard for Sam's Town..."

Neil Tennant – then, as now, a keen and pithy dissector of music culture – observed Flowers' growth and expressed concern. To the Pet Shop Boy, it suggested that the Anglophile Nevadan... was suddenly forswearing pop music

When he removed the beard for The Killers' third album, Day & Age (2008), he says, "I started keeping the shavings in a bag.

"And I still do it," he grins. "I have a Ziploc bag full of hair. I'll grow five or six days growth, make sure that the sink is dry, use an electric razor, catch it in the sink, and then I'm able to just scoop it into the bag!"


"And putting the hair in the bag has sort of become a ritual, I guess. It makes me think about where I stand. There's always gonna be a part of me that is pop. And I shouldn't forget that. That's important. Because there's nothing wrong with pop. So I keep this bag in a drawer by my sink in the bathroom."


Well, Killers fans, sounds like you've found the ultimate piece of memorabilia.