A once popular corner bar location in Kingston, New York will soon become a new place to drink, eat and have fun!

What happens when two very successful businesses join forces and merge each of their specialties together and open a new restaurant and bar? You get something called "Sorry Charlie"! The owners and operators of two great places in Poughkeepsie have announced that they are planning to join together and open a brand new neighborhood bar and restaurant in the midtown section of Kingston.

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Poughkeepsie Business Owners Heading to Kingston

The folks behind Poughkeepsie's Goodnight Kenny Bar and Detroit-style pizza place Hudson & Packard have officially announced that they are working together to bring all of what has made them successful in Poughkeepsie to the former Corner Bar and Grill. The former bar and grill sits at the corner of Delaware and Newkirk avenues and at one time was one of Kingston's favorite neighborhood bars until it closed a while back.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Sorry Charlie in Kingston, New York

According to Chronogram, Davina Thomasula, of Goodnight Kenny bar, and Charlie Webb, of Hudson & Packard are planning to open Sorry Charlie and offer guests the chance to enjoy upscale cocktails, bar food, and pizza. Thomasula along with Webb, Jasmine Turner, Kristina Keenan, and Craig Capano of the Half Full Hospitality group told Chronogram,

"We’ve assembled the culinary Avengers team and a neighborhood bar vibe. We fell in love with the area. And really, why not put a neighborhood bar in a neighborhood?"

This wont be the first time pizza will be available at this location, as back in the day it was home to Poppy’s Pizza which made even more sense for Thomasula and Webb to bring their version of pizza and more to the location.

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When Will Sorry Charlie Open?

We did reach out to Thomasula to see if she could share any information about the new restaurant and bar but haven't heard back yet but it appears that the hospitality group is in the early development stages on the new bar. Currently they are working on the menu, redesigning the interior and redoing the kitchen to make culinary magic possible and are hoping to open to the public in the next six months or so. When they officially announce an opening date we will update this article.

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