With just a little over 24 hours (or less depending on when you open this up) until the Boo Ball, some people may be stalling on committing to attend because they just don't want to go out and buy a costume.  Have no fear, we've got some great ideas for easy to put together costumes, and for a lot of these, you likely have everything you need right at home.

The classics (in my book anyway) include tossing on a cat ears headband you found in your kids room and calling it a day, ripping the sheet off the bed, cutting some eye holes in it, or if you plan to put the sheets back on the bed, just simply tie them onto yourself in true toga party fashion.

Or, kick things up a notch....

I happened to scroll past a link on facebook earlier that brought me to this 2019 guide for last minute costumes, and a lot of them are pretty decent, too.  Check out the complete list for more than 50 ideas, but some of my top choices are:

  • Nickelback (t-shirt with a bunch of nickels on the back)
  • The bachelorette (dress, roses)
  • Cereal killer (boxes of cereal and a knife)
  • The Brawny guy (flannel shirt and paper towels)
  • Price is Right Contestant (yellow name tag, bonus points for '90's attire)

No excuses at this point!  Get your creative juices flowing, get your costume together, and join us at the Chance Saturday night...who knows, your home creation could score you some money too!