It is officially summer let the family vacations begin. When I was little summer vacations were the one thing we knew we would do every year. My father was in the military so they would always move us in the summer so we didn't miss school. That meant on the way to a new house we always took a vacation. It was always fun because we got to see new places.

My grandparents even got in on the excitement. They had a bedroom covered in maps. They were the wallpaper. And no it wasn't wallpaper it actually mapped my grandfather had stuck to the wall. My sister and I would spend hours in there looking at where we were going and where we had been.

Eventually, my grandpa, we called him Pop, allowed us to start marking on the maps the places we had gone and the dates we had been there. It was really fun as a kid to look at it when we visited and even more fun when we had a new place to mark on the wall. This crazy childhood memory may be why I am so excited about the latest LEGO Art project. It is a World Map you build with LEGOs with an accessory that lets you plot your travels.

You can now get a map for your wall of the entire world and pinpoint on it with LEGOs everywhere you have been. Well, first you have to actually build it. It is for the kid in all of us. The LEGO Art World Map is for ages 18 and up and has over 11,000 pieces. There is a guide to help you put it together but as it says in the video you can go freestyle in the oceans.

Lego via YouTube map
Lego via YouTube map

The pieces are just dots that you add to a grid using the guide that comes with the kit. You can then add a second marker to illustrate places you have visited around the globe.  Another cool feature is you can put the map together with your favorite continents in the center.

Where Can You Get One?

If you want to get one to mark your travels order it from LEGO online, the cost is about $250. Or if you want to shop local you can also get one at a Hudson Valley Barnes and Noble. I could see this as a great gift for someone who likes puzzles and loves to travel.

attachment-Lego via YouTube aseemble

By now you have heard that we officially have a LEGOLAND in New York. It is one of the Hudson Valley's newest things to do in 2021 for the whole family. You might be able to buy this LEGO Art Map there as well. I am thinking that LEGOLAND New York needs to make an ART Map of the Hudson Valley then we could also plot our staycation to LEGOLAND.

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