Deer hunters across the state are being reminded to take it, tag it, and report it this hunting season.

"Hunters and trappers play a crucial role in the management of game across the state," Commissioner Seggos said. "Information collected from harvest reports helps DEC track game species populations and ensures that hunting and trapping opportunities are sustainable for generations to come. Reporting your harvest is not just the law, it's an important tool in wildlife management."

It is a legal requirement to report your deer, bear and turkey 'harvest' within seven days. There are many ways that you can report what you caught. You can call in the info, submit it online or use the Department of Environmental Conservation's (DEC) own mobile app, "NY Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife" by Pocket Ranger.

Failure to report, could get you a $250 fine.

According to a press release, the DEC uses the information that you submit to help determine the overall health and population of a species.