A Hudson Valley based distillery is set to be featured on the debut of Billion Dollar Buyer this Tuesday on CNBC.

The property in Pine Plains that is home to Dutch's Spirits originally gained notoriety during prohibition when notorious mobster Dutch Shultz ran his bootlegging operation out of the area. Now less than 100 years later, a flourishing legal liquor business is making waves.

On Tuesday night, Dutch's Spirits will be looking to take the next step by securing a $1.2 million investment from the Billion Dollar Buyer Tillman Fertitta. The premise of the show is to provide small business owners a chance to grow their business. In this case, Fertitta is considering offering Dutch's Spirits up in his more than 500 restaurants.

The episode was filmed over a two month period last summer. The business was very new at the time, so we'll get an inside look at their set up. The tasting room is open noon-5PM on the weekends and by appointment. Although you can stop by on Tuesday night for the viewing party starting at 9pm.