It's not uncommon for celebrities to share their strong opinions on Twitter but Mark Ruffalo's choice of words puzzled many people.

The nation has been divided for years and it seems like things are only getting worse.

The jury spent 26 hours of deliberation before reaching a "not guilty" verdict for Kyle Rittenhouse on all counts against him. The verdict has sparked quite a bit of controversy on social media as well as outrage on both sides of the argument.

The jury's decision has led to a lot of divisive conversations as many celebrities have publicly weighed in and shared their opinion on the jury's decision.

Some believed that one of the most bizarre tweets came from actor, Mark Ruffalo who is no stranger to the Hudson Valley. He filmed his award winning series 'I Know This Much is True' throughout the region and he also apparently spends time at a home in the Catskills.

According to his Wikipedia page, Ruffalo is from Kenosha, Wisconsin where the incident took place.

In a tweet that has angered and confused many people, the actor mourns and almost memorialized the two men who were shot and killed by Rittenhouse during the incident. Ruffalo even gives one a nickname.

Here's the original tweet.

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Why are many finding Ruffalo's tweet so strange?

Here are a few details that were published about the two men he referenced in the tweet. According to NPR, Anthony Huber was in prison twice after breaking probation for kicking and strangling his siblings. Joseph Rosenbaum or "JoJo" had spent over a decade in prison for sexual misconduct with a minor according to CNN.




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