As many students are celebrating the end of another school year students at New Paltz High School have another accomplishment to celebrate, the addition of two gender neutral bathrooms.

According to the New Paltz Times the decision came without controversy. In fact, according to the report the decision was originated by administration but due to an oversight it was never put into place. That was until student Aryn Wesdorp presented a signed petition at a board of education meeting.

Superintendent Maria Rice tells the New Paltz Times she had approved the measure at the end of last school year but the change was never seen through. But thanks to Wesdrop, the issue was brought to light and now the school has two gender neutral bathrooms.

To some the idea may be out of the ordinary, but from what I read in the school district's code of conduct I think it's a decision that aids in its goal of creating an ideal environment for their students' education and more importantly, their lives.

"The New Paltz Board of Education hopes that our students will become passionate learners who are empowered to achieve their dreams and act as good citizens of the world.

To achieve that goal, the Board strives to provide safe schools for all students regardless of actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender or sex and where all members of the school community behave with personal responsibility and mutual respect."