A film that is being shot in Poughkeepsie is nearing completion. They've already released an incredibly looking trailer, which you can find at the bottom of this article. As they wrap up some final shots, they need extras this week to help with production.

Does This Violate the Writers/Actors Strike?

For those worried about the ongoing writers and actors strikes, don't be alarmed. There are numerous independent production companies that aren't affiliated with the AMPTP, and they are allowed to film with SAG-AFTRA actors during the strike. Even for those affiliated with the AMPTP, there are certain allowances to independently-produced content at the lower budget levels. You can even read an official document from SAG-AFTRA discussing the status of independent films. If anything, films like these are encouraged because it empowers the creators rather than feeding the corporate regimes that the strikers are protesting against. So, that being said, let's dive into the film being shot in Poughkeepsie that needs extras!

Looks Can Kill Releases First Trailer

Looks Can Kill is the brainchild of Hudson Valley resident Erik Jensen. Erik wrote the script and is the director of this project. Looks Can Kill marks the directorial debut of Erik Jensen; however, this is not his first production by any means. Erik has worked on the Showtime drama Escape at Dannemora working alongside director Ben Stiller, and HBO's The Staircase starring Toni Collette and Colin Firth. His credits also include 24 episodes of NBC's The Blacklist, being a consultant on Netflix's The Irishman, and several productions on ID and A&E.

One of the great things about Looks Can Kill is that it is very Hudson Valley centric. Erik is the founder of Jensen Creative Consulting Agency. Erik enlisted the help of cinematographer Derek White and his Poughkeepsie-based company Good Time Film Studios to produce this film. Not just that, but many members of the cast and crew are from the area.

To top it all off, the story is set in the Hudson Valley! so many productions who shoot around here will use Hudson Valley landmarks, but in the context of the story, they are somewhere else. Not this time: when they say they are at Vassar College, they are at Vassar College. When they say they are at Shadows or Mahoney's on the Poughkeepsie Waterfront, they are there on the Poughkeepsie Waterfront. I love that it really showcases the Hudson Valley front and center, and that was something the cast and crew really wanted to focus on.

Discussing the Plot of Looks Can Kill

I got a chance to speak with Erik in regard to the film. When asked about the plot of the film, Erik said that it is about a flamboyant serial killer who assumes the identity of a Hollywood producer. He tries to bait college girls by getting them to do photo shoots and by promising extravagant parties. The New York State Police forms a task force to track down and capture this killer. Looks Can Kill is only the first part of a planned trilogy set to come out.

When discussing setting the scene and establishing the world of Looks Can Kill, Erik really focused on the colorization of the filming. “The color is the main thing in this project. The color is what bringout the Hudson Valley because of all the natural colors and the beautiful landmarks in our area.” 

Before the movie is released to the public, Looks Can Kill will be submitted to the Sundance, Tribeca and Toronto Film Festivals.

Extras Needed on Wednesday, August 16th for Poughkeepsie Film

Jensen Creative is looking for background actors for an upcoming film shoot in Poughkeepsie NY on Wednesday 8/16 at 6pm. Experience is great but not necessary. If interested and you would like to submit for consideration please email 2 photos (no filters please, a regular selfie is sufficient) and your contact information to lookscankillcastingdept@gmail.com. Production estimates that it will only be a 2-3 hour commitment. All ages and genders are welcome to submit.

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