Lovelytheband dropped by the WRRV studios this week to talk about their new single 'Broken' which is blowing up all over the country. Mitchy, Jordan, and Sam were on the east coast to play a concert in New York City for Grammy week and they just had to come visit Poughkeepsie before heading back to California.

As a big music fan, I always like to figure out the meaning behind the band name. For Lovelytheband it came down to the law, a different band had trademarked their original name so they had to make a change. They settled on a name that is fun and original and gives the autocorrect on your mobile device a workout.

They released a five-song EP last fall which is where you can find the very catchy 'Broken'. Fear not, more new material is on the way as they're currently working on their full-length debut album. We'll be ready for it when they are.