WalletHub.com just took a look at 182 cities across America to see which was the safest, and a Hudson Valley town ranked high on the list.

Yonkers ranked number 15 on the list, the highest spot on the list out of any city in New York. The other New York cities to make the top 100 included Buffalo (coming in at 59) and Rochester (at 76). New York City was ranked at number 132.

The list goes surprisingly in-depth. The cities are ranked on their home safety, their financial safety, and their risk of natural disasters. They're then analyzed based on 35 relevant metrics, such as various crimes committed throughout the city. Yonkers, in fact, had the fewest thefts of any city per 1000 residents, with only 13.

I was a little surprised by the result, but Yonkers is a great town and it's cool to see it get recognized in this way. Nashua, New Hampshire was number one on the list.

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