A guy in Dallas walked out of a laundromat with a gumball machine in broad daylight.

Seriously, that's it. That's what he did. My man decided he just wanted to get himself a gumball machine, apparently decided he didn't feel like paying for one, so he just strolled on out of there with someone else's gumball machine.

I don't know what plans he had. Maybe he loves coins and wanted the coins from within... although if you're a thief that wants coins and you're already in a laundromat, I feel like the gumball machine theft is a weird and inefficient course of action.

If he just wanted free gumballs, why didn't he just listen to this kid on YouTube:

Okay, kid. In my day, we called those "slugs," but I guess since today everything has to be a "hack," that's what it is. YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP HACK! WANT MORE NOODLES? BUY A SEPARATE BAG OF NOODLES AND ADD THEM TO YOUR SOUP! HACKED!

Anyway, here's a story about a guy with an incredibly admirable level of swagger and confidence that just went in and snatched him a gumball machine.