According to a Facebook post from the police, students have been charged in the threat incident that occurred earlier this week.

On Monday, June 4, 2018, a threat was intercepted at Marlboro Middle School, after the administration at the middle school had become aware of overheard statements regarding the safety of other students.

Specifically, there was an allegation that the students had been discussing a list and that these students made threatening comments about students on the list.

According to the Marlboro Police Department, two middle school students who are suspects in this incident have been charged appropriately and will appear in Ulster County Family Court.

In an updated letter to parents, Superintendent Michael Brooks stated:

While reports of a “list” have been circulating, there is no evidence that any actual list exists. The students have since been suspended for a short-term out of school suspension, which is the maximum time allowed until a formal Superintendent’s Hearing is conducted. They will not be returning to school until the investigation is complete and the formal Superintendent Hearing is conducted.

There will increase police presence at Marlboro Middle School for as long as the police department deems necessary.