Bees and wasps are pests that make their way into our yards and on our porches during the summer months.

Sometimes they try to get inside. I had my own encounter with them already when they built a nest inside my air conditioner. I was able to fend them off. Some people can't even do that. There are many people who are afraid of bees. According to Choosing Therapy, about 20% of people grow up with a fear of bees. Did you know that there is a fear of wasps too? They aren't the same thing. It's called Spheksophobia and I can understand why it's a thing when there are wasps out there the size of your thumb.

Do you remember when we first heard about the Asian Murder Hornet and how the species has made its way to the western part of the United States? Did they finally make their way here?

Despite what some residents in the Hudson Valley may believe, these are not Murder Hornets. If it is not a Murder Hornet then what is this massive thing spotted in northern Dutchess County?

Will Damante Jr.
Will Damante Jr.

I wouldn't want to go anywhere near this thing.

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Some people in the Hudson Valley believe that some large insects they have recently come across may be the famous hornet but it is actually a European Hornet and they are quite common in the United States and even on the east coast. Their paper nests are easily seen and identifiable because of their large size.

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