Two Minutes to Late Night continues to deliver some pretty cool quarantine covers, this time delivering perhaps their biggest star power to date, with members of Tool, Mastodon, Coheed and Cambria, Primus and Mutoid Man signing on to rock out Rush's 1975 song "Anthem."

The lineup includes Coheed's Claudio Sanchez on vocals, Mastodon's Bill Kelliher and Mutoid Man's Stephen Brodsky on guitars, Primus' Les Claypool on bass and Tool's Danny Carey behind the kit.

Each of the musicians bring their own unique look to the song, whether it be Kelliher's light goggles, Claypool's gas mask or Brodsky's continually changing backgrounds. But it all makes for a video that not only captures the eye, but delivers a raucous cover that more than lives up to the original.

"Uhhh... Holy Moley. It's Claudio Sanchez, Bill Kelliher, Les Claypool, Danny Carey, and Steve Brodsky covering a Rush song. We're just as surprised as you are," gushed Hall, later adding that in lieu of taking money for the cover, the participants decided to donate their fees to the Cancer Research Institute. Kelliher composed the cover that the collective performed.

"Anthem" was the lead off song on Rush's 1975 album Fly By Night. Neil Peart would name the song after Ayn Rand's novella of the same name, taking inspiration from the piece while working on the lyrics.

Rush served a big influence to a number of musicians, with Primus even plotting a tribute tour to Rush's A Farewell to Kings that has been moved from this summer to 2021.

Claudio Sanchez, Bill Kelliher, Les Claypool, Danny Carey, Stephen Brodsky + Gwarsenio Hall Cover Rush's "Anthem"

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