A fundraiser for Matt Pinfield, the rock music personality and former MTV veejay, was launched on Monday (May 11). Organized by a friend of the TV and radio icon, the crowdfunding campaign seeks to raise funds for medical bills stemming from physical and mental ailments plaguing the entertainer.

Pinfield is best known as the figurehead for MTV's erstwhile 120 Minutes. He's also worked as a DJ for Sirius XM's Lithium and hosted the 2 Hours With Matt Pinfield podcast. In the late '90s, Pinfield's rock ubiquity landed him an unforgettable appearance on Limp Bizkit's Significant Other album.

But in 2018, Pinfield was hospitalized in Los Angeles after getting hit by a car, which resulted in major injuries, as Billboard reported at the time. Since then, the entertainer has struggled with his health and the ensuing medical bills. That's why his friend Chris Trovero organized the fundraiser for Pinfield.

"I'm hoping we can collectively draw some funds together to help Matt," the campaign coordinator explains. "Let's be honest, the guy has been through a lot. At this very moment, he's focusing on his physical and mental health with some medical specialists and mental health professionals."

Trovero continues, "Unfortunately, in the United States, not all health treatment is covered by insurance. That's where you can come in. If you can make a contribution to his recovery, that's one way to help. … Another way you can help is to share this link because it helps spread the word."

As of early Wednesday (May 13), the crowdfunding effort has brought in around $17,000 of its stated $50,000 goal. Taking to his Twitter account, Pinfield expressed his gratitude after the initial contributions began pouring in.

"Much love to you all for your support," the entertainer responded on Tuesday (May 12). "You couldn't know how much that means to me. I'm here for the fight — my leg, which has taken a turn for the worst after the accident, my stomach; all the pain and change can't break my spirit. That's because of you."

Donate to "Help Matt Pinfield Get Better" here.

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