It's one of the most often asked questions by fans and journalists and one that Maynard James Keenan has answered many a time in multiple ways -- when is the next album? During a recent chat with CBC Music host George Stroumboulopoulos, Keenan weighed in on the plans of his various acts and offered some insight as to why he's not a fan of the "new album" question.

Specifically asked about what's next for Tool and A Perfect Circle, two of his bands that are playing shows this year, Keenan stated, “Lots… For some I see a plan and for others, I just see roadblocks. I can’t say [which one has the roadblocks]. Respect.”

A little later in the interview, the conversation came back around to meeting fans, receiving praise and ultimately why some of the talk on his bands from running into people is not something he wants to deal with. “I have no idea," says Keenan. "I think those – where’s the f--king album – there’s a much larger symptom in our culture that goes way beyond that question and that specific band -- just the entitlement that you are owed something or due something. It is unfortunate that voice that social media has given people that they are so disconnected from the bigger pictures and the movements of things. We really need a meteor, we really do. Something that is going to get people organized with each other.”

And while there is no official word on new music from either band as of yet, Keenan revealed that songwriting is something that is an ongoing process for him. "In my head. It just doesn’t matter… As long as the thought is complete and it moves us in some way, absolutely. There are so many more important things. Differently important things… Those conversations happen and then we complete them.”

Keenan also goes more in depth on his thoughts on politics, the state of humanity and offers insight on his evolution as an artist. Check out the podcast in full here.

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