The holidays are here and there's only one, real way to celebrate. By eating holiday-themed foods of course!

Personally, when Christmas time rolls around, my family and I are busy baking all types of cookies. Gingerbread, rainbow cookies, and of course a sugar cookie. Apparently, McDonald's is on the same festive wavelength.

I saw a photo making the rounds on Instagram of McDonald's Holiday Pies. They have sprinkled pocket pies - think McDonald's Apple Pie but with a festive twist. Of course I had to see for myself if these Holiday Pies were available in the Hudson Valley and according to my research, they are!

Market Insider reports that these McDonald's Holiday Pies are in select locations. Apparently, Holiday Pies have been around for a while, then left the Christmas scene for a while and made its much-anticipated turn in 2020. Well, the goodness is back for 2021!

I took a trip to the Hyde Park McDonald's location in Dutchess County and was able to score a few Holiday Pies...for research purposes. 

Pro Tip: take the McDonald's Holiday Pie home, heat it up in the microwave for 30 seconds and pair it with your favorite cup of coffee.


McDonald's Holiday Pie tastes like your favorite sugar cookie fresh out of the oven with a vanilla custard or vanilla pudding. The top of the pie crust is topped with a sugar glaze and colorful sprinkles that give you a 'funfetti' type vibe.

I'm giving McDonald's Holiday Pies an 8.95/10. I can't give it a 10 because I'm scared that if it's too perfect, McDonald's will take it away again because they'll realize they've achieved perfection.

Word on the street is that there are several Dutchess County locations (*cough* *cough* Route 9 in Wappingers Falls) that are selling the Holiday Pies.

Let us know if you were able to get your hands on McDonald's Holiday Pies in Orange, Ulster, Sullivan, Columbia, or Greene Counties. It sounds like Holiday Pies are more reliable than McFlurries already.

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