I know a lot of people who are deathly afraid of spiders. I'll bet you do, too. When one approaches, all logic goes right out the window. They're reaching for anything they can get their hands on to swat the thing away--or, more likely, they're desperately grasping for anyone in the immediate area to take care of the problem so that they don't have to do it themselves.

Which makes it all the more confounding that this individual, who purports to be terrified of spiders, would rid his vehicle of the creature with a lighter. I mean, unless he had one of those gas lighters with the crazy long stem or some kind of a blow torch or something, this seems to be the worst choice for spider murder if you're afraid of the little guys. Getting right up there with a good ol' Zippo or Bic lighter means you're a half inch away from the thing.

Oh yeah, and it also means you might set everything on fire.