Mike Shinoda continues to give viewers a glimpse inside his life with the latest video from the Post Traumatic album for the song "Promises I Can't Keep." The clip, directed by Mark Fiore, can be viewed in the player above.

For a majority of the promotion of his new music, Shinoda has been delivering first person views with his videos, primarily as he's made his way through various parts of Los Angeles. This latest video finds Shinoda performing around the Santa Monica Pier area during the waning daylight hours into the early evening.

As has been well documented, the Post Traumatic album was penned by Shinoda in the period following the surprising suicide death of his Linkin Park bandmate Chester Bennington last July. "Promises I Can't Keep" seemingly addresses the sudden shock of his forever altered world, with Shinoda offering the lines, "I had so much certainty / Till that moment I lost control / And I’ve tried but it never was up to me / I’ve got no worse enemy / Than the fear of what’s still unknown / And the time’s come to realize there will be / Promises I can’t keep."

Shinoda appeared on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 program a few weeks back and spoke about the experience of delving into music and art after the death of Chester Bennington last year. "At first I was even anxious to get in the studio and then I realized if I didn't get in soon ... the pressure to make something didn't have to be high, I just needed to get in there and do something," said Shinoda. "At a certain point, I knew that I wanted to put something out, that it would be helpful and therapeutic for me to put something out and it would be therapeutic for some of the fans to put something out and there were a lot of questions of how am I doing? They didn't know. Everybody's online asking me things and I'm not really responding, so I just put it into the songs."

The Post Traumatic album is out now.

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