Back in October a devastating fire destroyed a local farm in the Hudson Valley.

The Millerhurts Farm in Ancramdale caught fire one night in October. The fire destroyed the 200 year old farm and the family lost almost all of their dairy herd. Fortunately the family was safe.

After word spread about the fire and the Millerhurst family losing their farm, the Hudson Valley community came together to raise money for the family to help rebuild their farm and stock.

Shortly after the news broke a GoFundMe account was launched and raised over $70,000 within the first few days.

Following the GoFundMe account we've learned of another positive update for the Millerhurts family. It looks as though the family has used the GoFundMe money and started rebuilding.

Emily posted to the accounted stating that on Sunday, January 27th, the family has gotten "bred heifers back to the farm and today we will be meeting with an amish builder and a stall company" and that they are moving forward.


As of January 29th, the GoFundMe account has raised $131,128 out of their $20,000 goal.