Living almost anywhere today involves significant financial considerations.

Living in the Hudson Valley means navigating high costs as we are far from the cheapest places to live

According to MIT's Living Wage Calculator, a single adult needs approximately $55,878 annually before taxes to cover essential expenses such as housing, transportation, and healthcare. This figure underscores the region's higher-than-average cost of living, further compounded by inflation in recent years.

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Dutchess County's Cost of Living Index, reported by, stands at 118.3, indicating that overall expenses are 18.3% higher than the national average and slightly above New York State's average. Housing costs are notably high, making it challenging for minimum wage earners to meet basic needs without additional support.

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In fact, You would be hard pressed to find any town in the Hudson Valley on a "50 cheapest cities to live"  Clickbait type article .

For a family of four, the annual income needed for a modest standard of living in this region is approximately $117,856. This disparity between income and living expenses emphasizes the urgent need for fair wages that align with local economic realities.

According to Cornell University's research, raising New York state’s minimum wage to $21.25, as proposed in the NYS Raise the Wage Act, would have significant economic benefits. It is projected to boost consumer spending and create new job opportunities, supporting economic growth across the state. This increase would help nearly two-thirds of workers attain a living wage, aligning income more closely with the region’s cost of living and enhancing overall financial stability (Cornell University, 2024)

Understanding these economic challenges highlights the crucial role of voting in local and federal elections. By voting wisely, we can push for policies that ensure economic fairness and prosperity in Dutchess County and across the vibrant Hudson Valley



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