Just about two weeks ago we learned that Target would be offering some great discounts for teachers/educators July 13th - 20th for their annual discount event, and now we're excited to let you know that Amazon is stepping up to the plate with their own specials for teachers too!

We know lots of people wait all year for Prime Day/Days, calling it Christmas in July or some sort of variation of a summer Black Friday event. Well, teachers get ready, there are some really great deals to score this year.  If you're new to the party, Amazon Prime Day, now actually 2 days, is where there are more than a million great deals for Prime members only.

If you are a teacher, or know one that you think would benefit from a lighting deal or two, be sure to share this info with them, or even get signed up for this Facebook event hosted by WeAreTeachers with live deal announcements and updates so you don't miss a minute of the savings.

You can also check out the WeAreTeachers guide to getting the best Amazon Prime Day deals for teachers.  They've got info on some deals that have already started, and also tips for you to make the most of your savings, score!

Don't forget to share this info with fellow teachers, plenty of deals to go around :)