It seems like the adventures never end for the troubled lead singer of Puddle of Mudd, as he is once again looking at an embarrassing situation.

As documented here, here, and here, this has been a bit of a rough year. And now it's rougher, as he was arrested immediately after getting off-stage this weekend by bail bondsmen and police officers in Hermosa Beach, California. Apparently Wes missed mandatory court dates related to the case in which he's accused of vandalizing a home earlier in the year.

According to TMZ, he is still in custody, as this whole ordeal has resulted in his bail being increased to a whopping $250,000, as it's the second time this has happened with Scantlin.

Here's some old Puddle of Mudd for you. The song makes a lot of sense if you go ahead and presume the "She" referenced in this song refers to the part of Wes's brain used for judgment.