It's Black Friday and most people have been off the past few days but that doesn't make it any less of a Friday, so happy Friday!

In theaters this week there are a few new movies coming out. The two new ones I'll be looking at are Disney's latest animated movie, Frozen and Homefront with James Franco and Jason Statham who plays an ex-DEA agent trying to keep his daughter away from it all in a small town. I may have seen one preview for Frozen but I have heard nothing about Homefront. Poor advertising I guess. Because of the holiday season and kids being off from school the past few days I think Frozen will make more than Homefront this weekend. Maybe if there were some sort of hype about it, Homefront would do better because Jason Statham always delivers if all you're looking for is some action.

Well, here's my verdict: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be on top again. Neither of these new movies have enough to take out that giant. But, if i was just looking at which new movie will make more, it would be Frozen. I'm confident with my main guess, we'll see how this secondary works out.