I feel the pressure this week. I finally got out of the two month slump last week when I guessed The Lego Movie would be on top for a second week. This week, I'm afraid will not be as easy.

Two new movies are out today, the action/drama, Pompeii with Kit Harington a.k.a Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. Snuuuh...Jon Snuuhhh. And the action/thriller, 3 Days to Kill with Kevin Costner. Honestly, I would see Pompeii, I mean, I know how it ends (I'm sure someone just thought, 'but wait how do you know, the movie just came out.' And to that I say, HISTORY.) but I've always been into that Ancient Rome Era.

So, a quick sum of the plot for each of these movies; Pompeii is about a gladiator, Kit Harrington, who needs to save his love before Mt. Vesuvius lays waste on the entire city. 3 Days to Kill is about an international spy, Kevin Costner, who wants to give up his crazy life to be closer with his wife and daughter.

This week, I think Pompeii will fall on top, but just. My reasoning is, I think enough Game of Thrones fans will come out and see it. It's the next closest thing after you've watched all the season 3-4 times already and still can't wait till April 6th.