Happy Friday! Some new movies in theaters today include Need For Speed and Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club. Both, I think, will do pretty well in theaters this weekend, but there's always last week's number one to think about too. This is where I get all frazzled. Should I pick a new movie or go with last weeks pick, 300: Rise of an Empire?

Let's get into what these movies are, that way I have time to figure this all out. First, Need For Speed with Aaron Paul who plays a mechanic gone street-racer. I loved playing all the NFS video games and I'm in need of my fix for some Jesse from Breaking Bad...I mean, Aaron Paul. I see this movie being very similar to the Fast and Furious movies.

The other movie, Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club is about a group of women who are single moms that come together and support each other. Not my style of movie, but Tyler Perry puts out some funny stuff and people seem to love him.

Well, I suppose I have to make my pick, I've got it narrowed down to Need for Speed and 300: Rise of an Empire. I've decided that I don't want to pick the same one I did last week so I'm going to go with the new movie, Need for Speed. Lets see how this goes, check out the trailer below.