I don't know if watching a drunk Santa stumble his way through the city is my idea of a good time. Metro North seems to agree with me on this one.

Now that it is officially the Holiday season, cities all across the Unites States are taking part in SantaCon. Poughkeepsie being one of them, it was reported this week that Poughkeepsie SantaCon will take place next weekend December 16thI've never been one to attend SantaCon, but I understand the appeal.

This weekend, however, happens to be the big SantaCon event in New York City. In years past there has been some incidents that didn't paint the Con in the brightest light. To avoid any mishaps Metro North is taking precaution by banning alcohol this weekend. According to a press release alcohol wont be allowed on MTA LIRR and MTA Metro-North trains and in stations from 12pm on Saturday(12/10), through 12pm on Sunday(12/11.)

Revelers Dressed As Santa Take Part In Annual Bar Crawl Thru NYC
Getty Images/ Kena Betancur

MTA Police Officers will be on trains and in stations across the region to enforce the drinking ban. Officers will confiscate alcohol and issue summons that could have you paying a fine or facing imprisonment. Violators may also be removed from trains if found with alcohol.