There are several feature films are on the lookout for places to shoot in the Hudson Valley. The Hudson Valley Film Commission helps to advance the movie business in the area and is working with a location manager on finding just the venue for two upcoming productions.

The first film seeks a 'common family home or estate' that can be divided into two homes. Producers are seeking a location that reveals layers of family history. For example, one character could live in the main house on a property while the other lives in a barn or small home.

The second movie is looking for a more modern home that's been built in the last 15 years. The house needs to be on the water as a boat will need to be placed and launched within sight of the home. This location needs to be available from April 15th to June 1st.

Please send all suggestions along with photos to and include contact information so those on the lookout can reach out to you directly.