Obviously, we live in an era unlike any other when it comes to how we approach socializing with other humans. The lines between friendship and audience have never been so blurred; I mean, people constantly use the opportunity of social media and blogging to portray themselves as what they want to be, rather than what they actually are.

Not only that, our relationships with brands, celebrities, and corporations has become fuzzy as well. People feel the direct connection with Kylie Jenner or LeBron James or Stone Cold Steve Austin or Neil DeGrasse Tyson when they follow them on Twitter or Instagram.

So, if you're looking to market yourself, there is no better way to establish a relationship with an audience than via social media. It's a strange, complex web of synergy between humans--cynically, you could view it as deceptive and manipulative--but either way, it's an opportunity.

And this complex synergistic opportunity was very well-understood by a kid on trial for murder. Check out this story!