A wild photo and video show a bear that climbed a tree to stare at a dog inside a Hudson Valley bedroom.

On Monday, John Barretto of Patterson, New York posted a photo that shows his dog staring from inside his Putnam County home directly at a bear that climbed a tree. The bear was staring right back at the dog inside the home.

Bear Looks Into Putnam County, New York Home

"Had a visitor this morning," Barretto wrote on Facebook while sharing the photo, embedded below.

Barretto's window was open at the time. With only the screen separating his dog from the wild animal.

"Omg Jay! Was the dog freaking out? And the window is open! He could have climbed right in lol," Sunny Merrell Montuoro commented.

John added his dog "was good" during the entire situation.

Dog And Bear Stare Down in Patterson, New York

Barretto also posted the photo, along with a video, of the ordeal to the Patterson, NY Community Board Facebook group.

"How (is) your morning going? This is ours!," Barreto commented.

Barretto added the photo was snapped around 6:30 a.m., across the street from Camp Herrlich on Deacon Hill Road in Patterson, New York.


Video Barretto posted to the Patterson, NY Community Board Facebook group shows the bear had to climb up a tree to look inside a bedroom. The dog won the staring contest because after a few seconds of the stare-down the bear slowly starts to climb down the tree. CLICK HERE to see the video.

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