I had the strangest drive-thru experience over the weekend. And I left there not really sure if I was right or wrong, but I’m pretty sure I was right. Let me know what you think. It all started with a $5 gift card to a popular drive-thru place.

So, we were out and about in Poughkeepsie Saturday afternoon when we remembered we had this $5 gift card, and we happened to be passing by the place it was good for. We pulled in, got into the drive-thru line, and made our order. We were only getting a couple of beverages. All was fine. Until we drove up to the window to pay. The total came to $7.33. We handed the guy the $5 gift card and a 5-dollar bill to cover the extra $2.33. So, my change would be $2.67. Right? You would think so, but the guy didn’t hand me back my change, he handed back the gift card with a $2.67 balance. 

Whaaat? I told the guy to take the gift card and give me back my $2.67 in cash. And he explained that the $2.67 was on the gift card. I told him I want to pay the first $5 with the card and the remainder out of the $5 bill.

Well, that must have called for a company conference because he slammed the window shut and three more employees came over and they proceeded to discuss the whole thing for about a minute or two. Then the manager opens the window and tells me that the employee put the remainder on the gift card. I explained that I know what he did and I want them to take the gift card and give me back my cash. Which she did end up doing.

Sorry, but I don’t think I was wrong. There is nothing on the menu that I could have gotten for $2.67, so I would have had to add to that if I wanted to use it. Kind of scammy sounding if you ask me. If I had handed him the $5 gift card and $2.50, would he have handed me back the gift card with a 13-cent balance? I’d like to think not. What do you think? And by the way, they forgot to give us straws.

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