Unlike other revivals, Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life seemed expressly designed to return its prolific cast for one last stay in Stars Hollow. That is, until those oft-referenced four final words left further questions to answer, something Netflix now seems to be teasing over Twitter.

You’re warned of full spoilers for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life from here on out, but at long last, the “Fall” episode of the extensive revival ended on a reveal of creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s final words between Rory and Lorelai, that of Rory telling her mother she was pregnant. On the one hand, Sherman-Palladino had previously thought to end the series altogether with said revelation, but the ten-years-later vibe of A Year in the Life made the revelation more of a puzzle to solve, given Rory’s multiple love interests.

Netflix, it seems, would agree the mystery is worth revisiting. Spoilers for any immediate paternal candidates (the left is Matt Czuchry’s Logan, the “Wookiee” was never seen, and the right is Jack Carpenter’s forgettable … uh, Paul):

The image itself is a reference to Luke’s daughter April, who was similarly introduced in Season 6 as a young girl seeking to identify her father through a science project. Whether that means future Gilmore Girls might pick up with Rory’s daughter as a young girl, or rather return to the pregnancy, remains to be seen.

After the premiere, Sherman-Palladino told TVLine that the reveal wasn’t necessarily intended as a cliffhanger (also specifying that abortion was a distinct possibility), though she knew who was intended to be the father. Nonetheless, the revival has proven a major hit for Netflix, and Sherman-Palladino hasn’t yet ruled out the possibility of a return.

We’ll see what becomes of the Gilmore Girls in 2017, but is it worth Netflix pursuing another season? Is Rory’s ambiguous pregnancy otherwise an acceptable ending?