Ever dreamed about getting paid to Instagram? Well, you just might get that opportunity if Netflix picks you.

According to Time Magazine, the online movie company is looking for four individuals to fly to Europe, visit the sets of Netflix original series, and document them for the social media service.

The best part? The pay. We're talking about $2,000 per week. Oh, and travel is included.

Netflix is calling the position "Grammaster," and the way to apply for the job is simple. All you need to do is follow @Netflix on Instagram and hashtag your top 3 photos with #grammasters3 on Instagram by March 6, 2016.

A free trip to Europe? A few thousand bucks? An in with one of the most influential entertainment and tech companies on the planet? And the opportunity to brag to everyone you know that you got paid to 'Gram? Not too shabby. For all the information, check out Netflix's website here.