I travel on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie a lot, and I kept noticing that there was a sign on a fence around the lot where the old Poughkeepsie Inn sat for years. The sign says Buff City Soaps. I remember hearing that Foam and Wash was opening up a car wash on the Coyote Grill lot which is right next door. Buff City Soap couldn’t be a car wash, could it? That seems silly.

So, I looked up Buff City Soap and was pleasantly surprised that it’s not a car wash, it’s a handmade soap maker. And they use all natural, plant based products. Some of their ingredients include green tea extract, beeswax, essential oils, lavender, rose water, witch hazel, vitamin E, sea salts and more. Not only do they use all natural ingredients, they are cruelty free, use no animal fats, and their soaps are handmade daily.

Not only are the soaps fresh and natural, they look beautiful too. And they don’t only make hand soap at Buff City Soaps. They also make bath bombs, shower fizzies, shave soaps, shower oil, and even laundry soap. They also make seasonal soaps, so the selection varies depending on the time of the year.

I visited the Buff City Soap website, and could not find a timeline for when the Poughkeepsie store will open. But the sign on the fence clearly says “Coming Soon”. So, it shouldn’t be too long before we can start shopping for fun new soaps. Plus, it will create new jobs. This is a new business that really makes scents.

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