I grew up in Orange County and I am old enough to remember when the Newburgh Mall opened. Over the past few years, it has had its struggles staying open but now it appears the Mall may be headed in a new direction.

You would have to be completely off the grid and under a rock not to have heard that The Newburgh Mall is now the Home of New York's newest Casino Resorts World Hudson Valley. The Grand Opening celebration including a ribbon cutting that took place in December 2022 has led to fun and winning on its over 1200 slots and electronic table games ever since.

New Stores Coming to the Newburgh Mall, NY

Newburgh Mall via Facebook
Newburgh Mall via Facebook

So what about the rest of the Mall that those of us who grew up in Orange County in the 80s knew and loved? What will be happening to the rest of the space? Can we expect new stores to come in now that Resorts World Hudson Valley is open? And what about restaurants to enjoy before or after gambling? Could we maybe even see a hotel?

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At the moment news of new businesses opening at the Newburgh Mall is coming in slowly but we did get word yesterday that we can expect two places soon. Exoctic Cloud Smoke Shop and Kids Kastle have announced they will open at the mall before spring 2023.

Store You Remember at the Newburgh Mall, Orange County New York

Resorts World Hudson Valley via Facebook
Resorts World Hudson Valley via Facebook

This is encouraging news for those of us who remember the Newburgh Mall for places like Caldors, Kaybee Toys, Old Navy, Orange Julius, and the clothing store Deb. For a decade the Newburgh Mall was the reason my friends and I no longer had to travel to Paramus, New Jersey for clothes.

The Old Friendly's Entrance at the Newburgh Mall, NY

Newburgh Mall Custom J&S Explores YouTube
Newburgh Mall Custom J&S Explores YouTube

For those too young to remember the Newburgh Mall was the first of its kind Mall to be built in our area. It went up in the 1980s and changed shopping for us in Orange County for good. It never had a movie theatre but it did have a Friendly's Restaurant everyone loved.

History of Shopping Malls in the Hudson Valley, NY

Of course, it wasn't long before the Poughkeepsie Galleria was opened in August of 1987 which was then followed by The Galleria at Crystal Run opening in April of 1992. These were bigger and grander Malls that offered multi-level shopping. But the Mall that may have snuck in a stolen the true shopping heart was most likely The Woodbury Commons Outlet Mall which opened in 1985. then grew in 1993 then again in 1998 giving us a reason to forever shop at an outdoor outlet mall.

Video of the Inside the Newburgh Mall Taken in 2022 before the Casino Opened

Look Inside the Resorts World Hudson Valley

Resorts World Hudson Valley Opens Doors In Newburgh

The grand opening for Resorts World Hudson Valley, located in the Newburgh Mall on Rt. 300 in Newburgh, took place on Wednesday December 28th at 10:00am.

Where to Dinner Eat on the Newburgh Waterfront

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It has boats. It has entertainment and boy does it have an amazing selection of food and drink. Take in the beautiful Newburgh Waterfront on the historic Hudson River while enjoying top-shelf food and drink. Fine and casual dining with a backdrop of the Hudson River from the Newburgh Beacon Bridge to the north and Bannerman's castle to the south. What the river and the boats go by while enjoying every type of food you can imagine from pizza to seafood to steaks to barbeques even tacos you can have it all at these 8 Newburgh Waterfront restaurants.

Small Town Shopping in the Hudson Valley

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Seasonal shopping in the Hudson Valley can be so much fun. There are small towns up and down the Hudson River that offer unique shops and delicious dining. Cold Spring, Rhinebeck, and more. Head out for a day of shopping then pair it with an edible treat and refreshing drink throughout your travels. Here are some suggestions.