I’ve spent a lot of time in New Paltz over the years. I went to college there in the late 1970s, partied at the many bars, and generally have had a great time there. These days I still visit New Paltz, but now I spend more time shopping at the cool stores and enjoying meals at one of the many eateries. A fixture in New Paltz for as long as I can remember is Village Pizza.

Everybody loves Village Pizza on N Chestnut Street. That’s just the way it is in New Paltz. Old school pizzeria with great food and even a drive-through. What could be better? I’ll tell you what. A brand new cafe has opened up at Village Pizza, and now the choices are endless. The cafe is called Cafe Babu, and it has authentic and delicious Cuban food. Wait… we can get Italian food and Cuban food all in one place? You bet.

Let me tell you what I know about Cafe Babu. They have homemade empanadas that look absolutely amazing. They also have Papas Rallenas which are fried mashed potatoes stuffed with beef and pork. Yes please! You’re familiar with a Cuban sandwich. Check out the Bocadillo Cubano, which is ham, house recipe slow simmered citrus pulled pork, swiss, pickle chips and dijonnaise on pressed homemade bread. Now I’m starving. Those are just a few of the items at Cafe Babu, and the menu will be expanding.

If it’s pizza and Italian food you want, Village Pizza at 81 N Chestnut Street is the spot. If it’s delicious Cuban food you crave, Cafe Babu at Village Pizza is for you. Or have a little of both. Eat Cuban there, take Italian home. Or vice versa. Either way, a delicious meal is waiting.

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