The Hudson Valley is filled with diverse, local businesses. We may have our favorite coffee shop, go-to discount store, restaurant and specialty shops that we support in our area.

While we enjoy supporting local businesses and forming friendships and receiving high quality items or produce, we may also want to try something different.

The Hudson Valley is constantly growing and there are new businesses coming to the area for us to experience 

Adams Fairacre Farms opened their fifth location in the Town of Wallkill. Residents were excited for months to have this staple in Orange County, NY.

What Stores Should Come To The Hudson Valley?


I know people who go to different states to shop at stores that are not available in the Hudson Valley. For instance, we don't have a Whole Foods, Wegmans or Trader Joe's.

I'm familiar with Wegman's from upstate New York and Trader Joe's from when I was on the West Coast. However, I have never been to a Whole Foods yet.

In the Hudson Valley, I believe that these stores are similar to Nature's Pantry in Fishkill and New Windsor along with Mother Earth's with locations in Saugerties and Kingston.

Hudson Valley Residents Wants To Turn Lot Into Popular Chain


New Palz, NY is the home to numerous small businesses. These locally owned establishments keep New Paltz alive with unique and diverse options. Those who live in New Paltz would also agree that they enjoy supporting local businesses that bring good quality items and food to the area.

While some chain businesses such as Starbucks and McDonald's exist in New Paltz, the majority of them represent the small business culture and its support.

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Would A Popular Chain Fit In The New Paltz, NY Community?

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

A Facebook post on the New Paltz community page had over 89 people leaving comments with over 112 reactions on the post.

The post was created by a member of the group stating:



Fill out this form to bring one to town! The old Genesis lot is the PERFECT spot!"

The link is connected to the Trader Joe's website. Once someone clicks on the link, it allows guests to request a Trader Joe's in their city.

By doing so, they would then provide their city, state and any additional information of where a Trader Joe's would fit into their community, simply just a recommendation.

New Paltz, NY Wants To Turn Genesis Lot Into Trader Joe's


Would this location be ideal for a Trader Joe's?

 The popular Facebook post in the New Paltz Community was gaining attention. Bringing a Trader Joe's to Genesis may sound like a good idea to some people. Here's what Hudson Valley residents felt about the Facebook post.

"Sorry but you would have better success making the request for Kingston or Poughkeepsie."


"Omg I did a resend automated email asking them every week for the first year I moved here, 18 years ago. Yes please let’s make this happen!!!!"


"Please make this shareable, also neh sayers please just don’t. Shoot for the stars yo!!"


"NP doesn't need a Trader Joe'"


"We need an Aldi's!!!"


"Please god send it to Kingston I would much rather drive 20 minutes than have to deal with another chain in this lovely town. Keep New Paltz Local!!"

While the comments were mixed about Trader Joe's opening in the Genesis lot in New Paltz, it was a suggestion that was made on the New Paltz Community page. It was interesting to see different sides to this question with valid points.

What Will Come Of This Facebook Post And Submission To Trader Joe's?

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While this New Paltz Community Member on Facebook was excited to share an idea of Trader Joe's coming to the area, it doesn't mean that it will happen. 

However, those interested can fill out a form showing their support of bringing this popular chain to the Ulster County, NY area.

Would you like to see a Trader Joe's in New Paltz, NY? Where else would a Trader Joe's fit in within the Hudson Valley? Share with us below.

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If you could bring back any store, restaurant or favorite business from the past, which would you choose?

The Hudson Valley was filled with places to visit for our favorite meals, special occasions or simply just for grocery shopping. Some of us may have spent our birthdays at these locations or shared sweet memories that we will remember forever.

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