I’m not one to spread rumors, and this certainly may be just that, but I just heard the words Trader Joe’s and Hyde Park spoken in the same sentence. Could this really be happening? That’s what I heard from a friend who heard it from a friend who supposedly heard it from a “very good” source.

Okay, here’s what went down. I went to Hyde Park to visit one of my friends who runs an online business. We started talking about the fact that he’s hoping to open an actual store and he mentioned the Hyde Park Town Center on Route 9 where Williams Lumber used to be. He also said something about getting ready for a Trader Joe’s to come in. Wait, what? Did you say Trader Joe’s? Can you confirm this? He told me that he could not, but he knows a guy that’s a builder and that guy told him that Trader Joe’s was coming. There is a lot of work being done over there, and that old Amish Market is just sitting there. Hmmm.

So, I asked my guy at work who knows everything about what’s going on around here. He hadn’t heard anything about it. So he went online and started looking through the Hyde Park meeting records, the zoning stuff and all those other files that the public can look at. No mention of Trader Joe’s. Then I wrote to Trader Joe’s. They didn’t reply, which means that they haven't actually denied it. I’m not giving up hope.

A Trader Joe’s in the Amish Market building would be perfect. And after all, I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another that it’s happening, so… maybe it is. But maybe not. If not Trader Joe’s, what would you like to see at that location?

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