The news lately is full of stories on how we can expect things to change due to the Delta variant of COVID 19. It seems every day we are getting word that something is changing due to an increase in cases. Fortunately, people are being very proactive when it comes to exposure to COVID.

This week two New Paltz Restaurants announced that they are closed due to COVID exposure. They both are reacting out of an abundance of caution and keeping their doors closed until they can clear their staff with testing.

Karma Road located at 11 Main Street in Paltz shared yesterday that their doors will be closed until their staff is tested. In a post on Facebook dated August 9 just after 10 AM they said they hope to re-open on Thursday, August 12 and that everyone was feeling fine.

Karma Road Facebook - We will be CLOSED until we reopen on Thursday 8/12. Taking some tests and making sure we’re healthy and COVID free. Everyone is well. See you Thursday.

They also took the time out to share a picture and mention how well their plant was doing. A bright note fun note at the end of a tough post. No business likes to have to close due to COVID. 2020 was long and no one wants to end 2021 with businesses closed due to illness.

Unfortunately, we may not have heard the end of this for a while being today (August 10, 2021) another New Paltz restaurant also had to close their doors for a few days while they have their staff tested. Bacchus Restaurant at 4 South Chestnut Street posted today that they have had a COVID exposure.

Their Facebook post also mentioned that they will be closed until their entire staff can be tested and have negative results.

Bacchus Facebook - Wednesday & Thursday we will be closed. Friday depends on the speed of testing. Thank you for your support!

In both cases, the community has rallied around the restaurants and offered support.

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