Uber, Lyft and other transportation services have become extremely popular over the past few years. If you use them you could fall victim to a scam that could cost you some serious cash.

A lot of people have grown to rely on companies like Uber either for their daily commute or as a designated driving service. Claims have recently surfaced about drivers committing fraud in attempt get more money from you.

According to terms you agree to before setting foot in an Uber vehicle, if you vomit or spill a drinking inside the driver's car and there's evidence of it you could be hit with an $80 to a $150.00 fine.

According to the Miami Herald, there have been reports of drivers faking incidents withe fake evidence to get extra money from customers.

“With 15 million trips a day, Uber is unfortunately not immune to these types of incidents.”

Uber is aware of the possible scam. If you are hit with such a complaint you can contact them directly to plead your case.


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