If you're a current Netflix subscriber and want to keep binging on the second season of Stranger Things, there's another scam going around to be aware of. There was a time when phishing was simply going to see a crusty jam-band from Vermont. Now it's a tactic con artists use to get your information.

ABC 7 reports authorities were first notified Wednesday morning of the fraudulent email people have been receiving stating the persons account was deactivated because billing information couldn't be verified. A link is provided in the email that asks for personal information including credit card digits.

The best advice possible is to never click on suspicious links in emails. I find myself rarely clicking on links even if it's legit. Any information you need about your account will be available directly through the website or app of the business you're dealing with. It's better to be safe than sorry, hackers and thieves continue to conjure up new ways to cash in.