A new Stewart's Shop is currently under construction in Highland, NY, and it's giving Hudson Valley residents a rare glimpse behind the scenes.

Pumping gas is one of those activities that seems boring on the surface, but requires perfect planning and execution for it to actually work. While parking a car, opening a fuel door, and inserting a gas pump is as easy as 1-2-3, there are secrets hiding just below the blacktop.

Stewart's Shop in Milton, NY
There's a lot hiding beneath the surface at Stewart's Shops gas stations (Google)

New Stewart's Shop in Highland, NY

Stewart's Shops first announced the construction of a brand new Ulster County location back in 2022. While there were delays in construction, workers have recently been hard at work at the corner of Chapel Hill Road and Route 9Win Highland, NY... including breaking ground on the gas station (below).

Photo of a new Stewart's Shop is under construction in Highland, NY
A new Stewart's Shop is under construction in Highland, NY (TSM Poughkeepsie)

Gas Station Under Construction at New Stewart's Shop Location

While the gas pumps are the main attraction, they obviously need something (usually gasoline or diesel) to pump. Similarly to homes that use oil for heat, that means tanks need to be installed. Unlike home heating, however, these tanks are much larger, and need to be buried underground. (below).

Photo of Stewart's Shop gas station construction in Highland, NY
One of the first steps towards building a gas station is digging a big enough hole to store underground fuel tanks (TSM Poughkeepsie)

How Gas Stations are Constructed

While heavy steel framing is being constructed aboveground, tanks and pipelines are simultaneously being installed below the surface. The video below demonstrates exactly how everything should come together.

While Stewart's Shops hasn't shared an exact opening date for their new Highland, NY location, they are currently hiring for part-time positions. Check out their new line of merch below, and keep scrolling to see the top reasons Hudson Valley residents say Stewart's is their first choice for a convenience store.

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Here Are The 8 Best Things About Stewart's Shops According To The Hudson Valley

Everyone has a place that they enjoy visiting which makes them feel comfortable and like home. To me, Stewart's Shops has always brought those good feelings and excitement to visit. 

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With over 40 comments on social media, Facebook users and Hudson Valley residents were eager to share their love for local Stewart's Shops.

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