David Lynch has an awful lot to back up his reputation as a perveyor of the creepy and macabre. Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet. If I'm honest, I've watched Twin Peak far more often than is probably good for me.

Regardless, the man is a genius. So if you're going to remix a movie trailer to make it seem like it's done by David Lynch, you'd better be spot on.

And boy is this one spot on.

La La Land is currently looking at 14 Oscar nominations. That's pretty incredible. It's a musical in an age when musicals aren't all that popular and it's a smash hit. But this remix trailer makes Ryan Gosling look like a psycho stalker out to seriously hurt Emma Stone.

I haven't seen La La Land, because I'm not much of a musical guy. But I'd check out this thriller in a heartbeat.