In a recent study to figure out which states are the best for community college, New York was ranked as one of the top states when compared to the rest of the country.

Community colleges are a source of higher education that is very accessible. University education is sometimes out of reach for some people, especially those from lower-income households. This is where community college becomes a great opportunity to obtain higher learning.

The costs of university education are astronomical depending on the school you choose. Here in the Hudson Valley, some colleges are over $60,000 a year. Community colleges are often three times cheaper than attending a university. Paying the cost for higher education may also be more difficult currently because of the pandemic, as many families continue to struggle.

If students originally planned on going to a four-year school, but now can't due to the pandemic, they might want to consider a community college and transfer credits once the economy bounces back.

Some states throughout the country make community college more accessible than others. Despite the cost differences between universities and community colleges, not every state offers the same quality of education.

Wallethub conducted a study to determine the best states for community colleges and compared the states. New York was ranked as the seventh-best state for community colleges.

New York was just ahead of California, and just behind New Mexico. According to this study, the best states for community colleges in order from first to fifth are Wyoming, Washington, Maryland, Hawaii, and Connecticut.

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