New York in general is not know for affordability, but one city is going against that trend. According to Forbes, with a median family income of $63,900, Buffalo is the number three most affordable city to live in in America. To determine their list, Forbes used a variety of factors including housing affordability, cost of food, gas, utilites, transportation and other daily expenses.

You may be able to stretch your dollar a little further in Buffalo, but just get used to the fact the hometown football team isn't all that good. And probably won't be any good for a while. But if you can get past that, it might be just what you're looking for.

Here are the top five most affordable cities in America, for the full top 20 visit the Forbes website.

  1. Birmingham, Ala
  2. Knoxville, Tenn
  3. Buffalo, NY
  4. Oklahoma City, Okla
  5. Cincinnati, Ohio