You may have heard about beer that's aged in whiskey barrels, but whiskey made out of beer mash? Now we're getting interesting.

Normally, I let Brandi handle most of the spirit news; she's the aficionado and the expert on all things fancy and potable (a good word, thanks Jeopardy!) but when I found out about KyMar Farm Distillery just north of us in Charlotteville, Schoharie County doing this beer whiskey, I had to jump on it.

Traditionally, whiskey is defined as spirits distilled from a fermented mash of grain such as corn, wheat, or barley. KyMar's whiskey expands the category: it is brewed from a base of select beer mash and hops, which add depth and complexity to the flavor. The mash is first cooked by KyMar's brewing partner, then fermented and distilled at KyMar's Charlotteville location. The whiskey is proofed and aged in new American oak barrels for six months, then mixed into a Solera Aging system that blends previous batches with the next batch coming into the system. All of this contributes to the unique complex flavors of the spirit.

Here's a video from the distillery's website, showing how beautiful an area that section of our state is and how hand-crafted their spirits are: