Have you ever been driving down the Taconic, stuck in traffic that lasts for over an hour, and thought to yourself, "This has to be one of the worst highways in America?"

Well, other than that being an oddly specific thing to think to yourself, you weren't that far off! Congratulations, New Yorkers, because according to a study by the Annual Highway Report, New York's highways ranked number 45 out of all 50 states in terms of their overall performance and cost-effectiveness.

The highway systems were ranked in eleven categories, which included spending per mile, pavement conditions, traffic congestion, and fatality rates. New York scored poorly in most categories, though it did have some of the lowest fatality rates, coming in at eighth place in that category.

The state that came in first with some of the finest highways in the country is North Dakota. And, to no one's surprise, New Jersey came in dead last. So hey, at least we beat New Jersey.

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