Leave it to PhD students to tell you that listening to music will make you dumb. Hey, isn't that what your parents told you when you were trying to listen to music while doing your homework?

So, how for did you go in life? Are you doing ok? Something tells me you turned out to be the amazing you, you always knew you could be, right?

So who was the genius that come up with a study saying that music can make you smart or dumb?

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A PhD student at the California Institute of Technology is claiming to have determined what music smart people listen to.  Virgil Griffith has created a chart of musical tastes by comparing the average SAT scores at various college institutions with the artists those students "like" most on Facebook.

So which bands are not going to help you (allegedly) get smarter and which ones might turn you into Mensa members?

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The final chart, which Griffith has titled "Music That Makes You Dumb," features more than 130 artists and genres.  Beethoven, Sufjan Stevens, Radiohead, Counting Crows, Bob Dylan and U2 rank highest among so-called smart people, while Lil Wayne, Beyoncé, the Used, and T.I. come in near the bottom of the spectrum.

Does listening to music really affect your IQ?

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Acts like the Beatles, Maroon 5, Kanye West, and OutKast fall somewhere in the middle. Griffith says he's fully aware that the correlation does not imply causation, but he nonetheless thinks the results of his study are "hilarity incarnate."

So how can you check out the entire study so you too can laugh at it?

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Anyone interested can see all of Griffith's data at MusicThatMakesYouDumb.virgil.gr. There is a chart.... Chalk this one up to "have nothing else to do while at work" when you check it out later.

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