Residents in one New York state town got a little more than just the mail delivered. Someone want to pick up the mail guy who is face down on the street? CBS says that a 56-year-old U.S. Postal Worker is accused of driving drunk as he delivered the mail Saturday afternoon. But that's not all. Police go on to say that the Auburn, NY man was allegedly so obliterated that he actually fell out of the USPS vehicle he was driving at the time.

But where does a moving vehicle go without its driver, especially one who falls out as it's moving? Well, it keeps on going. Seneca Falls Police say the now-driverless postal vehicle ended up crossing the road and went into a row of bushes. Hope he didn't forget a stamp? Police say this piss drunk postman has now been charged with DWI, reckless driving and other violations.

There is no word if any other postal employees were able to cover the rest of his route. There's been quite a rash of weird stories involving the mail lately. In May, a New York state man was sentenced for stealing from residents' mailboxes. What makes this case even stranger is that prosecutors say the 24-year-old Brooklyn man dressed up as a mailman and posed as the postal service when the crimes were committed. says that the mailbox bandit was able to get a United States Postal Service jacket and key from an actual USPS employee.

And while that's certainly weird, least he didn't dump all the mail in the woods like this guy? In April, CBS says that a former postal worker from Cobleskill admitted to dumping 5,833 pieces of mail over a six-month period. Or how about stealing your mail and fleeing the country altogether? Officials say a postal worker from West Seneca, NY was stopped on a bridge near the Canadian border in Buffalo, in November 2020. says that officials found a bin of missing mail in his truck after a random search. According to WKBW, customs found three absentee ballots, 106 political mailings, 220 first class mailings, and 484 standard mailings all in his truck. The worker even tried convincing customs that all the mail was for him and his mother.